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My Website is a virtual High-Street created to help busy gardeners and sculptors save time and money by bringing the High Street to them. It is populated with all the big names and brands and there can be little doubt that some of the best value purchases can be made Online – the right product at the right price from the right place!

And for the Online shopper there are distinct advantages:

Convenience – you can shop online without queueing at any time of the day or night; avoiding the crowds and arguably; avoiding queueing in car parks and paying car parking fees.

Better prices – many Online stores offer products that come direct from the manufacturer often without middlemen being involved and so can offer better prices.

Sales – Online sales are much easier for the big brands and retailers to organize Online and so they are able to offer better deals to Online customers.

Variety – choices are far wider on the wet and one can get several rounds of products from different sellers at one place. Amazon being a very good example. Shopping Online allows you to choose from retailers from all over the country or direct from their central stores and so a far greater selection of colours and sizes will be available.

Sending gifts – Online shopping makes sending gifts to relatives and friends so easy no matter where ever they are. And the choice is endless and so sending gifts to friends and family on birthdays wedding anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day Father’s Day are all so simple.

Saving money - Online shopping also means that you avoid expenses that can occur with conventional shopping. Stopping for a copy break or lunch simply to have a rest. Shopping Online is also more focused and therefore there is less opportunity for impulse buys.

Comparison of prices – Online shopping makes this very easy and many of the big retailer websites allow you to select and compare the specification and prices of the Products that you are looking to buy. There are also of course websites dedicated to price comparisons. Others like Which will give you the very best objective reviews and testing of products before you buy.

Browse at leisure – crowded High Streets are often not conducive to getting exactly what you were looking for and so often a purchase is made because having battled with car parking and crowds of other shopper you don’t want to leave empty-handed.  How much better to make a nice cup of coffee or tea and browse the web in your own time without any hassle!

UK Shoppers are forecasted to spend £50 billion online this year and it is estimated that consumers save £18bn annually by shopping online as a result of the lower retail prices available on the net.



We hope you will add My Website to your favourites when you shop Online allowing you more time to do the things you enjoy most.


From perfumes and beauty products

to iPads iMacs and iPods

to designer jeans

to mobile phones and broadband

to keeping fit

to exotic holidays

or of course your every day groceries


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